Nantucket is a one of a kind destinatioN

...and it becomes a part of those who call it home for a season, business or lifetime.  

Whether Nantucket is where you desire to SUMMER, OWN or RENT, VISIT or INVEST, Nantucket island exudes tradition while inviting freshness, vitality and the very best of everything it harbors.

Nantucket captivates, thus its real estate is rightly some of the most valuable and sought after in the country. We have seen time and again, that across every budget or timeline, each client can hold a piece of the island appropriate to their dreams or goals.

What you see is not always what you get... especially in real estate.  The power of our LIV Nantucket team is amplified and proven through collective INSIGHTS and AWARENESS of the full picture of the market and every listing we engage on our clients’ behalves.

15 years ago we built our lives and business on the island and remain enchanted by...


History and Tradition

Expansive, Accessible Beaches

Untouched Natural Preserves and Scapes

Breathtaking Sunsets

Award-Winning Restaurants

Concierge Style Living Whenever Desired

Neighborhood Charm Decorated with Island Sophistication

Beach, Boat, Course, Cocktails and Dining Days

All Outdoor Activities and Play Imaginable

Memory Making in Every Moment