The greatest indicator of future performance is past performance... what got us here.  Here is our record, 'on the record', from our clients themselves.


“Knows Nantucket more than any broker on the island – Chandra was an extremely objective, highly informed advisor. Provided all of the comparable information I needed to make an appropriate bid. She was always available and responded to questions thoughtfully/quickly. Chandra was not looking to make a transaction – she always provided great advice and thoughtful insights.”
– Kevin, Monomoy

“We ourselves are real estate investors and also Realtors in a different state. After having contacted several Realtors on the island and not fully feeling as if we were always getting “all the information” on different properties, we then came across Chandra. Chandra had several appealing listings to her name, and was very quick to zero into what type of property would suit our family needs.
She ultimately found a house for us that was in our opinion overpriced but cute and in need of work. The bid ask was simply too far apart. Yet over time, she kept drawing us back to the point that the house would be ideal for our family with some work and at the right price.
We made a few bids and simply weren’t getting anywhere with the seller. We had basically walked away due to the price spread. Chandra in a very kind manner drew us back in and compelled us to make one last offer and did her best to convince the sellers agent and the sellers that our offer and cost basis was the right answer for the seller.
My wife and I were shocked that Chandra made the deal happen. I was convinced that it was dead, but she pulled the deal together. The final price was closer to our original bid than the sellers original ask, by far.
After the expected amount of work on the property we are thrilled with our investment and that we own our own piece of this sand bar in the Atlantic called Nantucket! Chandra made the deal happen and we are very grateful that she did. Our timing to get into Nantucket proved favorable economically and the location in Town is more appealing than we ever imagined. Since then, Chandra has also channeled a ton of qualified renters our way – making the property earn it’s keep and then some.

We couldn’t have a more favorable impression from continued dealings with a real estate professional than we do with Chandra.”
– Chris, Town


"Chandra has been working with my husband and me for 5 years, helping us rent homes as well as to buy a home. She is an excellent listener and did an outstanding job showing us enough breadth of properties to give us price perspective without wasting our time. Ultimately, she found us the perfect house. During the entire process she responded to questions in a timely and thorough manner and she did a terrific job negotiating on our behalf."
- Pam, Sconset

Working with Chandra was literally a life changing experience. Her passion, expertise and experience — all combined are unparalleled. She has an intricate understanding of every nuance in a real estate deal. Especially on Nantucket, it’s so important to have strong relationships in the community beyond the property itself – i.e. lawyers, inspectors, designers, etc. – and Chandra has these in spades. She was the most impressive real estate professional I’ve worked with and in the process, became a dear friend. I would highly recommend working with Chandra on Anything Nantucket.
-Alexis, ‘Sconset

Chandra was a superb agent for my wife and I. From our first conversation we could tell she was someone that actually cares about her clients. She took the time to get a solid understanding of what we were looking for and put together a list of viable options. From the time we arrived on island she took us through twelve listings and we found the one. She was an expert negotiator and got us a great price, we can’t thank her enough for all she has done for us!
– Will & Missy, ‘Sconset

"Chandra was great to work with for finding our home. She listened well to what we were looking for and she then took that into consideration when showing us properties. Her local knowledge of Sconset is fabulous. She knows so many homes and properties in the area and is able to give you on the  spot information to compare/contrast. When it came time to write and offer and negotiate the deal, Chandra was excellent. She is very informed of the process and very helpful with negotiation tactics. She helped us secure our property and deal with a difficult seller in a seamless fashion. I would HIGHLY recommend Chandra Miller Binder for any real estate transaction!!" - Jenn, Town

"After visiting Nantucket for many years, Chandra helped us to make home ownership on the island possible - We reached out to several brokers on island as we began our home search, and Chandra truly stood out due to her upbeat, responsive approach. It was clear from our first interactions that she  wanted to be a partner in the process and had our interests as a priority. She is very fair and balanced and her extensive knowledge of the market on Nantucket was very helpful throughout the process. Even post-closing, she has continued worked with us, introducing us to island contacts for home improvements that we knew we would undertake after the sale. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Chandra as we enter the rental market as well!" 
- Suzanne, Quidnet


"Purchasing a home on Nantucket is a unique experience - both from a logistics and inventory availability perspective. Chandra went above and beyond in working with my family to accommodate our ever changing schedule and home requirements. If you are looking for an 'in the know' on-island broker,  who understands the ACK market, and works tirelessly satisfy her clients; Chandra is the broker to call. I could not recommend her more." - Client